Degustabox March 2017 Review

In March 2017 I moved to my own flat. Doing so gave me the perfect opportunity to try a Degustabox, which is a monthly subscription box that contains a vast range of food and drink products. Most of the products are “completely new to the market.”

One day I was browsing my Facebook when I saw an offer that allowed me to buy my first Degustabox for £5.99 (it costs £12.99 a month or £35.97 for three months or £71.94 for six months thereafter) so I took advantage of the offer and received my box a week later. When you sign up for a Degustabox you can choose what options you would like and what you won’t like. For example I chose not to receive any alcoholic drinks or spicy food because I’m not a fan of these products. I also opted for vegetarian products (although I’m not vegetarian, I was interested in seeing what products they had to offer).

Upon opening the box I received the following products that I’m going to review individually :

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo with Mint and Peanut Butter

Before I received my Degustabox, I had already tried these bars (there is also an original variety that I have also tried). While the mint one is my favourite since I am a big mint chocolate lover, the peanut butter one was okay but I found the flavour to be a little too sweet for my liking.

Whitworths Full of Super Cacao Raw Bars (pack of 2)

Full of Super bar

The concept of these bars reminded me of that of Nakd bars. These bars are packed with ‘superfoods’ such as almonds, chia seeds, quinoa and acai berries although the most prominent flavour for me was coconut. The bars were quite chewy as well.

Weetabix on The Go Breakfast Drinks  – Blueberry and Blackberry (with protein) and Vanilla

While I have tried the vanilla flavour, which tastes like UHT extra long life milk in my book, before receiving my box, I tried the blueberry and blackberry one and it had a lovely fruity flavour.

Heinz [Seriously Good] Creamy Pepper Sauce

Heinz pepper sauce

There were two varieties of Heinz [Seriously Good] on offer in the March 2017 Degustabox: the Creamy Tomato and Garlic variety and the Creamy Pepper variety. Although I would have preferred the former (I eventually purchased it in Morrisons alongside the Creamy Chive variant priced at £1.68 each) I received the latter. While its flavour was a little too peppery for my tastes, I still enjoyed it on some steak.

The Jelly Bean Factory Gourmet Jelly Beans

Jelly Bean Factory

These reminded me very much of Jelly Belly beans. The best thing about these beans is that they have 100% natural flavours and are fair trade. I liked the majority of flavours but I picked out the liquorice ones because I don’t like liquorice.

Pipers Crisp Co. Burrow Hill Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt Crisps

Pipers Crisps

While these crisps are reminiscent of other brands such as Tyrells and Kettle Chips, they were just as good. They had a tangy cider vinegar flavour followed by the sea salt aftertaste.

£Onepounders Chocolate Eclairs

Chocolate Eclairs

£Onepounders is a brand of sweets that is ubiquitous in newsagents and off licences. These may have tasted like your everyday standard chocolate eclairs but they were still tasty.

Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free Chocolate Milk

Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk

Despite the “dairy free” part of the label initially putting me off since I don’t like soya milk, I took a closer look at the packaging and it said it was made with coconut milk, which I prefer to soya milk. The drink had equal hints of chocolate and coconut but I wasn’t too keen on the lumpy texture I was met with when I nearly finished it.

Naturelly Jelly Juice – Apple and Blackcurrant Flavour

Naturelly Jelly Juice

This is another product I had tried before receiving my Degustabox because I had previously bought it alongside other flavours at the Love Natural Love You health and beauty show at the Kensington Olympia last summer. Although the packaging design is misleading in terms of having a blackberry instead of blackcurrants, this still had a pleasantly refreshing fruity taste.

Gusto Organic Lemon Energy Drink

Gusto Organic Energy Drink

Even though I hadn’t drunk any energy drinks for a while, I liked the citrus and herbal notes of this drink.

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Crystals

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes

While I don’t normally add salt to my food I was still keen on giving this a try. I initially had no idea what to do with this salt besides using it to flavour certain meats but the first thing I made with it was a sauce where its other ingredients consisted of tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and garlic granules (see below) and it was delicious. I even added this salt to mashed sweet potato.

Sauce with Maldon Smoked Sea Salt

Overall despite having tried the Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo bars, the vanilla Weetabix On the Go Breakfast Drink and the Naturelly Jelly Juice before receiving my first Degustabox, I was satisfied with what I received on the whole and I look forward to receiving subsequent boxes in the future.

Degustabox March 17 contents

I have also made an unboxing and review video of the March 2017 Degustabox on my YouTube channel and I have elaborated more on some points in the video in this blog post.

If you would like to try the Degustabox why not sign up here:

London Animation Club – 4th April 2017 with Various Guests

Note: I could not find YouTube or Vimeo video links to all films that were shown in the club so I embedded those that I could easily obtain.

Vivien Halas, Olly Brown, Jez Stewart, Emma Calder and Ged Haney were the guests of that evening’s London Animation Club.

The main animated film discussed in the club was Know Your Europeans (1994) by Bob Godfrey. He animated Roobarb (1974) and Henry’s Cat (1983 – 1993). He won an award for his film Great in 1976.

The guests discussed the production of Know Your Europeans. A box as part of the production of Know Your Europeans has a book that teaches people how to be European. There was an aim to make eleven 35-minute-long films for each country featured in the project.

Three notable storyboards consisted of two that were not good enough for the film and one for the Dutch entry. The budgets for the portions of each country varied.

A promo about Know Your Europeans was shown. It has a mixture of 2D hand drawn animation and stop-motion animation. By May 1994 the British, Irish and German entries were completed.

A small portion of the Dutch entry was shown as well as the German entry. Both consist of 2D hand drawn animation. It was claimed the team could not make a film accurately representing Germany without Hitler. The use of ” Dutch entry” etc made Martin Pickles, organiser of London Animation Club, think of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The United Kingdom entry was then shown. It contains a representation of Prince Charles as well as depictions of typical activities that British people partake in. The film consists of a mixture of hand drawn animations and still paintings.

The films shown during the club are the only ones that are currently available but the Portuguese entry might be available at one point.

More films with a European theme could be shown in future events of the club.

There was also a series of films revolving around a character called Charley about social security. A lot of viewers hated Charley possibly due to his floppy fringe. Part of one of the films, Charley in New Town, was shown. It covers concerns such as pollution and overcrowding.

An animation about the French Revolution entitled La révelution française was next shown. It has a combination of cut out animation and pixilation and was released in 1989 to mark the 200th anniversary of the start of the French Revolution.

Happy Birthday Switzerland was then shown. It was made to mark the 700th anniversary of the founding of the country and contains stereotypes of what the Swiss were believed to introduce such as chocolate, timepieces and Swiss rolls.

During World War II Viven’s parents made films. After the war they made a film called The Shoemaker and the Hatter (1950). This was the last film shown in the club and has a similar animation style to that in Charley in New Town. Below is a short portion of the film.

All films as part of the Know Your Europeans series have stereotypical jokes where the natives of the countries make fun of themselves.

Overall this was an interesting and intriguing London Animation Club event to attend, especially if I had seen Charley In New Town before.

Dealing with Negativity from an ‘Aspergirl’s’ Perspective

WARNING: Part of this post may trigger anxiety or distress.
For me, having autism/Asperger syndrome has its positive points and negative points. While its positives include giving me the ability to be creative, retain information and generally being more understanding of others; it also has its downsides such as making me socially anxious at times, giving me sensory overload and misinterpreting how things are communicated. Although I try my best to remain positive, I have dealt with traumatic events in my life such as the passing of my grandmother when I was 13 and a few of my great uncles over the past decade as well as general worries such as financial concerns; mental health issues including two hypomanic episodes and bi-polar affective disorder (my symptoms of these have since faded away); and stress from school, college and university work as well as my Avon representative job that I resigned from last year after having worked as one just shy of five years.

Before I discuss more negativities and how I have dealt with and still deal with them, I would like to give a big thank you to Brogan Tate and Cara Wood from PollyPocketBeauty for inspiring me to write this by writing their own blog posts about positivity (the links to these are at the end of this post). Although they’re not on the autistic spectrum themselves, they are still an inspiration and relatable in some ways.

For the majority of 2016 I isolated myself from my housemates, particularly the only other female who lived with me at the time because I found her behaviour unpredictable at times (she’s also an ‘Aspergirl’), thus causing concern for my house support staff. In October last year she moved to a studio flat next door to my combined residential care/supported living house and my former care home. This made me anxious and guilty for not spending enough time with her (my MA at university also restricted me from spending time with her as well as other housemates and support staff). Two days after this was announced I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I saw a link to Brogan’s blog post about how she lifts her mood when she feels down. I read the post and I found it very helpful so I replied to Brogan’s Tweet with the link saying how it helped me deal with my worries and anxieties. Brogan replied saying she was glad it helped me and she encouraged me to “keep smiling!” I soon began to re-kindle my friendship with my friend by visiting her studio flat as well as her current flat she shares with her boyfriend; watching DVDs and YouTube; and going out for hot drinks.


Another home-related anxiety I had was the behaviour of one of my male housemates who is also on the spectrum. From the end of August to the beginning of October he exhibited behaviours such as walking around the car park in circles, swearing and screaming in the middle of the night and (TRIGGER WARNING STARTS HERE) threatening suicide when another housemate seemed to ‘talk down’ to him (END OF TRIGGER WARNING). The housemate in question eventually acquired some gerbils and I believe that they have made him happier and calmer, thus giving me a peace of mind.
On a more positive note I have thought up some ways to deal with my negative feelings such as listening to music through headphones (this helps block out unwanted noise), watching a favourite film, TV show or YouTube channel (including those by Brogan and Cara), telling myself to move on from negative situations that don’t work out or cannot be resolved; writing my thoughts down; and thinking of more positive things to come in my life such as moving to my own flat, which I’m confident will be better for my wellbeing as opposed to sharing my part of the house with four other people.
Once I played on a Facebook ‘mini-quiz’ that made me determine my positive life quote. The quote is as follows:
“If you can let go you found the gate to happiness.”

This quote is especially true in relation to moving on from negative situations that can’t be changed.

Overall while I have witnessed traumatic events and faced more general worries and anxieties over time, I have learnt how to deal with the latter two issues more positively.

Brogan’s post:

Cara’s post:




Confusion and Misinterpretation in People with Autism and Asperger’s 

Besides having trouble understanding everyday common expressions (see my ‘Taking things Literally…’ post), people with autism and Asperger syndrome can also get confused by certain things or misinterpret how things are written. I will list my examples of these below.
The earliest example of this was when I was at secondary school and I had a teaching assistant to provide me with one-on-one support. The assistant wrote, “I want a word with you!” in the back of my exercise book. I took it more harshly than was intended and that got me worked up to the point of her getting angry with me. Unfortunately my teaching assistant did have the tendency to get angry with me from time to time whether I went missing at morning break time, I didn’t respond to her question in between lessons because I couldn’t hear her or even when I couldn’t concentrate in class and she thought I was going to get worked up because my grandma had died then (it took me a while to tell my teaching assistant about the passing of my grandma but she soon understood why I wasn’t myself and forgot to thank the learning support leader for my Winnie the Pooh photo frame I still have today).

The following examples show that the same thing can differ in written form from a more visual form:

I was once watching a weekly vlog on YouTube where a girl I’d rather not name in this case was being ‘kicked out’ of her mum’s house to move to her dad’s (her parents are divorced). More recently I read her blog post about getting her own flat and the beginning of the post says she decided to move to her dad’s after having fallen out with her mum and her brother. This made me confused because I had no idea if her mum had actually kicked her out or if moving to her dad’s was completely her decision and I also got the impression there were two versions of the same story. The girl is visibly upset in the video when she announces she is being kicked out so I guess it was one of those things she said when her emotions were high.

Also quite recently I saw a couple of Tweets the same girl posted that I might have taken the wrong way. The first one said she was in a bad mood and that one got me down for much of the day (worse things came for me that day such as having to wait longer to start my paid household job and a new shop assistant in Boots charging me twice for my brother’s gift but that soon got rectified), especially if she posted a more positive Tweet earlier that day. When I watched that girl’s new weekly vlog the following week, she said she didn’t know what was wrong with her, she wasn’t in the mindset to work and was feeling teary, which was a slightly different interpretation of her Tweet. My eyes welled up with tears while I watched that part but I didn’t cry (strange feeling I know!). The second Tweet the girl posted said that she was feeling flat and having “just one of those days” but in her latest weekly vlog she expresses her flat and “meh” feelings in a slightly more animated way and seemed a bit happier when discussing those feelings.

To conclude while the example with my secondary school teaching assistant is more intense the first written example of the girl on YouTube, Twitter and her blog is not quite as intense as the video version of the same thing while the video versions of her Tweets were not as bad as I made them out to be.

London Animation Club – 3rd January 2017 with Phil Davies



Phil Davies (above) was the guest of the first London Animation Club of 2017. He is the producer of Peppa Pig (2004 onwards) and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (2009 onwards). Below are the key points I learnt at this club:


Martin (above) first met Phil at the Curzon in Soho and as a father himself, Martin enjoys watching Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

A pitch for Peppa Pig was put in place for the funding of the show.


The first sketch of Peppa as shown on the screen above was drawn in 2000. Subsequent sketches show her jumping up and down. The concept of the show follows on from the idea of anthropomorphic animals such as Mickey Mouse and Arthur.

Peppa Pig has a family due to Phil and his team noticing that many pre-school children’s programmes such as Noddy did not feature any families.

The company that produces Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly is called Astley Baker Davies Ltd. It consists of the writers, producers and directors Neville Astley and Mark Baker and the producer Phil.

Phil explained the concept of Cartoon Forum where ideas for animation are pitched to several television stations to distribute them to.

Phil showed the presentation that pitched the concept of Peppa Pig. He wanted to create a show that appealed to both young children and parents alike. He also showed a trailer for the show that was made in 2002, two years before the show officially aired.

Next Phil showed a slide with several ideas for the show. The Halloween episode is more about dressing up than trick-or-treating.

Before Peppa Pig, Astley Baker Davies made a short film called The Hill Farm (1989) and another called Jolly Roger (1999). Both have an abstract style that formed the basis of the styles of Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. The Big Knights (2001) has the closest style in resemblance to Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

The Hill Farm

Jolly Roger

The Big Knights Series 1: Episode 1

Examples of Peppa Pig merchandise include Wellington boots, toys and cake mixes.

Peppa Pig received high audience ratings on Channel 5 and Nick Jr. After the first series of Peppa Pig aired, Astley Barker Davies came up with the idea for Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. The company wanted to make Ben and Holly gender-neutral as they did with Peppa Pig. Phil then showed the trailer for Little Kingdom (its original title). This was followed by slides of a map of the kingdom and character and background designs.

After the first half of the club I showed the club members the cover that I designed for my university tutor Mark Collington’s book Animation in Context (below). The design on the cover is actually a production still for my BA final project Looming Marvellous: Living with Asperger Syndrome that I based on an experience where my mum laughed at the way I was dressed but I did not find it funny and it eventually developed into the closing shot of my film.


In the second half Phil answered members’ questions. Before he made animations, he was a freelance photographer in the 1970s. In the 1980s he ran the animation unit at Middlesex Polytechnic.

According to Phil a producer has to be a practical and pragmatic person.

Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly are produced in CelAction. A joint character is created in a vector programme such as Adobe Illustrator and is built up in CelAction. Phil helped to develop the software.

At the end of the show Phil showed an upcoming episode of Peppa Pig where Peppa visits the Queen in London with her school. The animation in this episode has developed significantly since the first series. This is shown by the smoother animation and more detailed scenes and backgrounds.

Kate Jessop will be hosting the club in Marc but the guest for February is yet to be announced.

Other Favourite New YouTubers and Channels in 2016

While I have already written a post about my favourite new YouTubers and channels in 2016, I realised that there are a few that I overlooked but still enjoy watching nonetheless. All these YouTubers are female and most of them (Marina and Louise mostly upload fashion and beauty videos) upload lots of Disney-themed videos, which are some of my favourite videos to watch, to their channels, so here they are.

Steph from StephandTheSpaniels (formerly StephanieDreamsBlog)

Steph is a blogger, YouTuber and ‘fur mum’ to her two gorgeous spaniels, Severus (AKA Sev) and Lily, who writes dog-friendly lifestyle blog posts in addition to creating Disney content for her YouTube channel. I first saw her in Ellie Steadman’s Disneyland Paris Halloween 2015 vlogs and decided to further check out her channel. Steph has also made weekly vlogs and dog-friendly travel vlogs. I especially enjoy watching her Disney videos as well as her weekly vlogs and one of her dog-friendly travel vlogs.

Sammy Jayne

Sammy Jayne is a model, blogger and YouTuber from Stoke-on-Trent. I first came across her in Krispy Smore’s January 2016/Christmas Disneyland Paris vlogs before eventually seeing her in Ellie’s vlogs that ran along the same time. As well as Disney-themed videos, Sammy uploads “fashion, beauty and modelling” videos on her YouTube channel plus general vlogs of trips to a cat café in Manchester, Cadbury World and ComicCon in Wales for example. Sammy has a bubbly and quite cute personality that makes her videos worth watching.

Audrey Lee Young

Audrey Lee Young is an American Disney and fashion YouTuber. I first heard of her when she commented on my first Isle of Wight Vlog encouraging me to check out her channel if I’m a Disney fan (I guess Audrey figured I was a Disney fan by seeing my Frozen posters in the background at the beginning) and I did. Audrey is another bubbly Disney YouTuber and I especially like her Disney Get to Know Me and Sibling Tag videos.

Sarah & Squirrel

Sarah and ‘Squirrel’ are a mother and son duo from Exeter. They vlog their general home life as well as trips to Disneyland Paris. Sarah’s channel also includes craft tutorials, such as one she did in collaboration with Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art, and Harry Potter-themed videos. Sarah is a lovely, doting mother and ‘Squirrel’ is a cute and playful little boy.

Marina Joyce

Marina Joyce is a beauty and fashion YouTuber who made the headlines in July 2016 when her fans believed she had been kidnapped by ISIS. Her fans tweeted the hashtag #savemarinajoyce and the police found her safe and well, therefore she hadn’t been kidnapped. In addition to fashion and beauty videos and hair tutorials Marina has done some fun challenge videos including the Emoji challenge with her brother Elliott.

Louise Pentland

Louise is another beauty and fashion YouTuber who has two channels: SprinkeofGlitter and Sprinkle of Chatter. She is the mother to a sweet little girl called Darcy. Her videos with Darcy, AKA Baby Glitter, have been among the most enjoyable for me such as ‘Baby Glitter Does My Makeup,’ ‘Interview with my 5 Year Old’ and two videos about planning and decorating Darcy’s room. I also enjoyed watching Louise’s latest ‘3 Steps to a Good Year’ video where she shares her resolutions as well as three of her older videos last year as a catch-up: her ‘Draw My Life’ video, her ’50 Shades of Louise’ video and her incredibly moving ‘My Pink Hair Story’ that you’re going to need tissues for.



2016: A Year in Review

Like the previous two years, 2016 has been a mixed bag for me albeit a bit better but I’m determined to have an even better 2017 what with the possibility of getting my own flat, hitting the big 3-0 and landing my dream job in animation.

Anyway here are my highs and lows of 2016:


January started with my first trip to Barry Island in Wales (where parts of ‘Gavin and Stacey’ were filmed) for a while. It was fairly decent but I had some amazing sausage and chips (my mum thought they were the best chips she had since 1984) for lunch and was met with some very colourful beach huts. A few days later my great uncle (my paternal grandfather’s brother) passed away aged 81 right at the end of my Christmas and New Year break. I had a fond memory of him when he videoed me partaking in certain home activities when I was a child but I hardly saw him as I got older and as a result I miss him greatly. I spent the rest of the month continuing with my MA course at university and started writing this blog in my spare time where I initially discussed how my autism affected my day-to-day life but as the year progressed I wrote about other topics such as the BFI London Film Festival, the London Animation Club and even YouTube!


February was spent getting to know a new house support worker who had started the previous December but I hadn’t got to spend some proper time with her until this month. While I had an up and down working relationship with her over the next few months in terms of her showing concern for the state of my bedroom and asking me to do something that I was too self-conscious to do, I got on with her better more recently, especially when I told her what final grade I achieved for my master’s degree that I will reveal in the December section. Speaking of university life I started the production of my MA major project, an animated documentary called ‘The Five Senses of Asperger Syndrome’ this month.


In March I went to AutismCon in Euston and although there could have been better signage of directions to make the venue more autism-friendly and I couldn’t get into a talk about coping with anxiety there were still some great talks and a fantastic musical performance by Lauren Lovejoy plus I was reunited with a girl who was in my first year at university and also had Asperger syndrome but transferred elsewhere. I stayed in Newport in Wales with my family over Easter and I felt poorly with a cold but despite this I met my uncle, aunt and cousins’ new addition, Milo the Yorkshire Terrier, for the first time (they bought him to keep their other Yorkie Buddy company) and I was smitten in terms of him liking me immediately when he lay down beside me for a belly rub. I also had a restful Easter Sunday by watching ‘Minions’ and having a lovely roast dinner.


I can’t remember much happening in April with the exception of financial issues and beginning to lose faith in certain people, including the house support worker I was getting to know in February.


In May I stayed with my family again to celebrate my 29th birthday with them. I had a lovely day what with receiving some fabulous gifts and having a tea party with my relatives. I also attended an event at the Roman Baths and Pump Room in Bath where they were given an autism friendly award as part of The National Autistic Society’s ‘Too Much Information’ campaign as well as visit an activity house for adults with autism in Newport that is run by The NAS. This month I also quit my job as an Avon representative after having served as one just shy of five years and soon I started a Facebook-based sales job but resigned after two weeks of signing up due to its similarity to Avon and causing concern for my parents and support staff.


June was my university’s summer show where a work-in-progress version of my MA major project was shown as well as many other works by my faculty. A more in-depth post about it can be found here.


July’s highlights included visiting a health and beauty show at the Olympia in Kensington; and trips to Camden and Holborn as well as my friend’s and her husband’s joint 100th birthday party (their combined age is 100) and starting the BFG Dream Jar Trail. I also had a bit of peace and quiet this month while most of my fellow housemates went on a camping trip to Cornwall, which I might like to go on next year.


August started off in an extremely difficult way. My final MA deadlines were approaching and my laptop malfunctioned so I had to send it off for repair. I had my worst ever meltdown at the beginning of the month and while my laptop was being repaired I found myself involved in a social media situation that I would rather forget about and move on from. Difficulties aside, I got my laptop back and focused on finishing off my MA film. I also completed the BFG Dream Jar Trail.


In September I completed my MA in animation and as a special treat my parents took me on holiday to the Isle of Wight. Highlights included visiting Yarmouth, the open top bus tour that gave me beautiful views of the island and parts of it I hadn’t seen before (I first visited the Isle of Wight in 1999) such as the Needles Old Battery and the Needles Landmark Attraction Centre; seeing the Waltzing Waters music, light and water show; and shopping in Newport. I even managed to vlog the entire trip that can be seen on YouTube. In between completing my MA and going to the Isle of Wight my university had its MA show where the final version of ‘The Five Senses of Asperger Syndrome’ was shown.


In October I attended a couple of meetings about the possibility of joining a work scheme and taking up work experience but so far I have heard nothing further from these meetings. Evidently I found myself having more free time than ever before and I would spend it by visiting different parts of London from Oxford Street to Islington as well as watching ‘Tower’ as part of the BFI London Film Festival and editing and uploading my Isle of Wight vlogs. I also attended a flat viewing and while it didn’t meet my expectations in terms of all the one-bedroom flats being taken, I heard about the possibility of moving to a one-bedroom flat in another nearby block when it opens in the New Year.


November was pretty much the same as October in terms of visiting various places in London such as Westfield in Stratford and returning to Camden but I completed my series of Isle of Wight vlogs. I also got the news that the funding for me to move to my own flat in the New Year had been fully put in place, which I was extremely chuffed about because I have wanted to live alone for as long as I can remember. I also decided to submit my work and CV to animation studios to see what jobs they can eventually offer me.

December was my MA graduation ceremony where I was rewarded with a… DISTINCTION! My mum was so proud she cried tears of joy and I was grateful of her support as well as that from my dad and my sister. I also attended an exhibition at my university about narrative contexts in animation where the cover illustration that I designed for my tutor’s animation textbook was displayed and both my BA and MA final films were shown. I stayed with my family over Christmas and New Year. While I had quite a difficult Christmas Day due to a lot going on around me and experiencing sensory overload, I received some great gifts, saw my brother for the first time all year and had a lovely Christmas dinner. I also received the happy news of my cousin having her baby on Christmas Day. I spent the rest of my break chilling at my parents’ house; experimenting with YouTube more; filming a fun sibling tag video with my sister; shopping in Newport and Cwmbran; and visiting Hay-on-Wye for the first time, which was a decent end to 2016.

Anyway here’s to a far superior 2017!